Meet the team

The project has been set up with a collaborative, democratic nature. Initiated by Judith van den Boom, Lisa Mandemaker and Anne Vaandrager, acting as a core team of project facilitators and researchers, State of Unsettlement is in continuous development through creative collaborators and contributors: Helen Carnac, Fabrizio Cocchiarella, Paul Harper, Thor ter Kulve, Study O Portable and Abbie Vickress.


Judith van den Boom’s methods of research and design are inspired by her approach as practical idealist and has been practicing internationally over 10 years. Judith’s work stems from an active mentality to work together on the expanding consciousness and roles of designers in today’s rapidly transforming environmental, technological and cultural landscape. Judith graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008 and has since been working as designer, maker and lecturer with institutes in the UK, the US, China and Canada. As Head of the bachelor Product Design ArtEZ she focuses on delivering a new generation that builds new practices. Next
to this Judith is part of the research group LIFE – Living in Future Ecologies, at the Manchester Metropolitan University and has
been many years active board member for the SlowLab foundation advocating new approaches by design.

Lisa Mandemaker has a strategic, contextually aware and critical approach to research and practice. She considers design as a catalyst for change and she uses products and product design across physical and digital platforms to challenge assumptions and explore connection, emotion and collaboration. Making impactful, topical work and creating strong interventions are key elements to her practice. Her work centres on the effects of emerging technologies and contemporary media, on people and their behaviour. Lisa graduated from MA Design Products at Royal College of Art in 2017. With her most recent work Meta Search she focuses on our currently limited, personal and cognitive interpretations of online existence.

Anne Vaandrager considers herself a Design Activist. She uses irony and sarcasm to address political and social issues and create design outcomes that stimulate debate. Her work is based on in- depth research that focuses on social shortcomings and inequalities in society. Her interactive body of work, primarily consisting of design artefacts is mainly inspired by low-tech and DIY culture. A key element in Anne’s work is moving image. With her videos she tries to interact, confront and question her audience. Anne graduated from MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in 2016. With her INDEPENDENT LABOUR project she shows a critical and absurd future scenario about the UK health system. Anne’s work is currently based in both London and The Netherlands.

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